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ALLOMN Zappers

Allomn is a unique and secure fly killer that zaps bug and zappers with it's electric fly swatter. With its metal mesh surface, this allomn is sure to kill everything it comes in contact with. The three layer safety mesh makes it secure to use, and the unique 3 layer led light makes it stand out in the dark.

Top ALLOMN Zappers Comparison

The allomn zappers are the perfect way to rid of pests while also looking like a novelty item. This zappers are non-toxic, mini blue night light, and easy to use with a simple step guide. The zappers kill insects and bugs, making it the perfect tool for indoor or outdoor use. With all of the features, the allomn zappers are a unique and fun tool for home use.
looking for an all-in-one portable led mosquito killer? look no further than allomn! This zapper is perfect for those who are always up for ailling themselves with a potential of enemy mosquitos or wasps. Plus, it makes a great addition to your home office to power up your bedding and household items in the night.
the allomn zappers are the perfect tool for trapping and killing mosquitoes and other pests. The unique design allows you to use them in your home or office. The allomn zappers are electric and can be used in camping, fishing, or living in the bedroom. The lamp is also perfect for using in bed while sleeping.